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My Free software activities in May 2017


Bugs and patches:

  • Fixed (bug #47115) where label2rgb in the Image package would not work with labelled images of type uint32 and uint64. Reason was that behind the scenes ind2rgb from the Octave core was being used, and Octave imitates Matlab in that labelled images can only be up to uint16. That sounds like a silly limitation so I dropped it from core in ind2rgb and ind2gray. However, there's other places where that limitation is in place and needs to be lifted such as cmunique, cmpermute, and the display functions.
  • Fixed hist3 handling of special cases with NaN values on the rows that define the histogram edges and centring values in an histogram when there's only one value. Started as side effect of fixing (bug #51059).
  • (bug #44799) - document imrotate does not work with the spline method.
  • Fix input check for fspecial e65762ee9414
  • Review wiener2, function for adaptive noise reduction, from Hartmut (patch #9354) and extended it for N dimensions.
  • Fixed mean2 Matlab incompatibilities for some weird cases (bug #51144)
  • Make imcast support class logical.
  • Review otsuthresh, function to compute threshold value of an histogram via Otsu's method, by Avinoam Kalma (patch #9360)
  • Review affine2 and affine3, classes to represent 2d and 3d affine transforms, submitted by Motherboard and Avinoam (patch #8824). Started generalising code to N dimensions to avoid code duplication. Only one method missing (maybe you wanna help?).

As sysadmin:

  • Finished updating the wiki for Octave, due to issues with pygments.


  • Started packaging libsystem-info-perl, got stuck due to a licensing issue

My Free software activities in April 2017


Still reviewing the pending bugs and patches for the Image package:

  • fixed graythresh Otsu method when images have all …
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My Free software activities in March 2017

This month I finished my PhD thesis


Attended OctConf 2017 at CERN where I presented how I use Octave …

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My Free software activities in February 2017


New release of Pod::Weaver::Section::GenerateSection to make it work in Windows and newer perl versions.

New release …

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My Free software activities in January 2017


After more than 5 years as leader of the Octave Forge project, I have stepped down. That role is …

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