My Free software activities in February 2017


New release of Pod::Weaver::Section::GenerateSection to make it work in Windows and newer perl versions.

New release of Pod::Weaver::Section::Legal::Complicated with a user testsuite. Until now it was an author only test because I'm afraid of changes in Dist::Zilla and Pod::Weaver but I think it's more important to have the tests available to cpantesters.

New release of Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::BioPerl which drops deprecated plugins, adds a minimal testsuite, fixes an indexing problem in CPAN, and broken links for the bugtrackers.

Helped Pod::POM::View::Restructured use Dist::Zilla to handle their licence issues by making use of own [Legal::Complicated] plugin.


As part of Debian Perl group, I have packaged:

- libpod-weaver-section-legal-complicated-perl (I am upstream)
- libpod-weaver-section-generatesection-perl (I am upstream)
- libdist-zilla-role-pluginbundle-pluginremover-perl
- libconfig-mvp-slicer-perl
- libdist-zilla-config-slicer-perl

Took over libbio-eutilities-perl from the debian-med team since I am also upstream. They packaged it when I requested at a time I didn't know.