My Free software activities in January 2017


After more than 5 years as leader of the Octave Forge project, I have stepped down. That role is now handled by a team of three Octave Forge developers Julien Bect, Olaf Till, and Oliver Heimlich.


I made a new release of Pod::Weaver::Section::GenerateSection a Pod::Weaver plugin that allows to add sections to a module distribution from the weaver configuration. I only meant to fix two typos (caught by lintian) and ended up spending almost two days writing its test suite.


I have got involved in Debian development by joining the Debian Perl group and packaged:

  • libdist-zilla-plugin-autometaresources-perl
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-mojibaketests-perl
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-readmefrompod-perl
  • libdist-zilla-plugin-test-compile-perl
  • libmoosex-types-email-perl
  • libpod-weaver-plugin-ensureuniquesections-perl
  • libpod-weaver-section-contributors-perl
  • libtest-mojibake-perl

Fixed dh-make-perl to use DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL in its git commits (Debian bug #852332).


The packages I prepared for Debian are required by bioperl developers. New bioperl distributions use Dist::Zilla and Pod::Weaver, and those are the dependencies and dependencies dependencies, of bioperl's dist zilla plugin bundle.

The Debian med reported failure to package Bio::EUtilities because it required internet connection. I found this was due to the xml files used for testing which had external DTDs and patched the Debian package. Fixing this in Bio::EUtilities will require more work since it should involve reproducing the creation of the xml files used in testing.


Finally started to work on python-microscope although it's mainly been reading what was done before, and planning for the testsuite.