My Free software activities in March 2017

This month I finished my PhD thesis


Attended OctConf 2017 at CERN where I presented how I use Octave at work for microscope image analysis. The slides are online although to be honest, I prefer to keep the slides with only a few images and talk through them wile waving my arms. I am unsure how useful they are outside the context of me talking.

Also at OctConf 2017, I gave two workshops: one on preparing Octave packages, and another on Autotools. The workshop on preparing Octave packages was a repeat of the same I gave at OctConf 2015. The workshop on Autotools was aimed to new Octave hackers and focused on how Octave makes use of Autotools.

With the thesis writing out of the way, I have started to review the pile of bug reports and patches to the Image package, submitted by Hartmut Gimpel and Avinoam Kalma over the last year:

  • fixed Image package to build against development Octave (bug #50180)
  • fixed bwperim handling of dimensions of length 1 (bug #50153)