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My Free software activities in January 2017


After more than 5 years as leader of the Octave Forge project, I have stepped down. That role is …

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Snapshot release of image package 2.1.1

The image package has accumulated a lot of changes since its last release and I'm hoping to make a new …

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GSoC 2013: imerode and imdilate (update #6)

Since I deviated so much from the original project while fixing the image IO functions in Octave core, I decided …

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GSoC 2013: done with ImageIO - please test (update #5)

The imageIO section of the original project was much shorter than this. Originally it was limited to implement imformats, and …

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GSoC 2013: GraphicsMagick (update #4)

Octave uses GraphicsMagick (GM) for reading and writing of images, which gives us a unique interface to read many different …

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