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GSoC 2013: rewriting imerode and imdilate (update #3)

I pride myself in writing heavily commented code. That's not necessarily a good thing, maybe it shows that I need …

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GSoC 2013: imformats and filenames (update #2)

Since my last post, I've been working on the image IO abilities of Octave by implementing the missing function imformats …

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GSoC 2013: image processing of ND images (update #1)

My project proposal for image processing of ND images in GNU Octave was accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013 …

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minutes from OctConf2012: pkg - package system and structure

There's an Octave code sprint planned for the weekend of 17-18 of November with the purpose of improving the functionality …

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less holidays to code for Octave

Octave Forge has many unmaintained packages. Way more than the official list. Actually, the most unmaintained packages are listed as …

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